Like anything new, your child’s space maintainer will take some “getting use to”. But, once you’re over-the-hill of the first few days, problems should disappear.

To minimize problems, please follow these instructions:

  • During the first few days, eating may be more difficult, start with easy foods
  • Speech may be affected, this will disappear after several days of talking
  • The teeth will be sore, as the space maintainer settles in this will go away.
  • Should a wire or piece of the plastic portion be damaged, bent or broken or should any change in teeth occur which makes wearing the appliance difficult, contact our office immediately in order that we may either repair the appliance or make necessary adjustments.
  • The purpose of the appliance is to restore function in place of the missing tooth or teeth and to maintain the position of the remaining teeth so that the remaining teeth do not shift, tilt or create orthodontic problems.

Care of the Space Maintainer

To avoid the cost and time of replacement, please:

  • Avoid sticky sweets, popcorn, ice and or chewing gum
  • Don't tug or push on the space maintainer with your fingers or tongue.
  • Keep it clean with brushing and flossing.
  • At night carefully clean around all wires, bands and other areas of the appliance, as it tends to trap food.
  • After cleaning, please inspect the appliance carefully for damage.
  • Keep your 6 month check up appointments to monitor oral health and to evaluate the space maintainer to determine when it needs to be removed.